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Mona Lisa Is Missing

Jun 21 - 7:00pm
Not Rated
85 minutes

Special Skype Q&A session with the filmmakers after the show!

A little more than 100 years after the theft of the Mona Lisa, Joe Medeiros has completed his new documentary Mona Lisa Is Missing, the culmination of Medeiros’ 34-year quest to find the truth about the theft and the man who stole her.

To date, much of the information presented in books, films and television programs about Vincenzo Peruggia and his theft of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece is wrong – from the spelling of Peruggia’s surname to his true motivation for stealing La Gioconda. Even Italian television productions about Peruggia and his theft have been so inaccurate in their portrayal of the man and his life’s story that they have caused great embarrassment for the Peruggia family. After years of research, and debunking the myths along the way, Medeiros has found the exact details and complete information that tell the true story.

Vincent Delieuvin, Curator of Italian Paintings of the 16th century at the Musée du Louvre, summarized the need for The Missing Piece best, "The theft of the Mona Lisa is an essential part of her history and the correct and true story of her absence has never been told, but this extraordinary and little known story needs to be told to indemnify her legacy. Peruggia created this unimaginable part of her history; therefore his story needs to be told too."