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Derby Baby: A Story of Love, Addiction and Rink Rash

Oct 20 - 8:00pm
Not Rated
95 minutes

Derby Baby is a Kickstarter success story, narrated by Juliette Lewis and packed with power. Please show the Lowcountry Highrollers some love for their sponsorship and for bringing it to Charleston!

If you've attended a women's roller derby bout in the sport's post-modern incarnation, you've seen it, maybe even smelled it: the love, the pure addiction that drives tens of thousands of women around the globe to don fishnets and pseudonyms for the privilege of kicking each others asses. There's a perfect storm of DIY culture and women's empowerment in the U.S. and around the world, so it makes sense that this latest version of roller derby would take hold of busy women and their daughters everywhere — literally everywhere. The number of female league skaters in the U.S. is over 20,000 and rising, and the first-ever Roller Derby World Cup in 2011 had women from Auckland to Dublin strapping on skates to compete internationally.

But how is this energy and passion evolving the sport? Why are the skaters and supporters willing to work for free when the numbers of paying fans are in the hundreds of thousands and growing steadily? What does it mean for the DIY derby culture, now that promoters and sponsors are starting to capitalize on its popularity? Does derby need a "rock star" skater to catapult the sport into mainstream consciousness? Is women's roller derby a legitimate sport with a rightful place in the sports media spotlight? Or is it merely a fun pastime where women can make friends and be part of something bigger than themselves? And ultimately, will derby join the evolution of similar freak-sports turned street-sport turned professional sport, like skateboarding or snowboarding?

For the first time ever, the story of women's roller derby is covered from both a national and international perspective, as Emmy Award-winning filmmakers Robin Bond and Dave Wruck take you with them on their international quest to learn why women's flat track roller derby is the fastest growing sport in the world.