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America Street / Truck Farm

Apr 21 - 8:00pm
Not Rated
75 minutes

Our Earth Week show will begin with an early-access screening of AMERICA STREET, a local short which is being extended into a feature-length documentary. Following that will be the food doc TRUCK FARM. Meet the representative for AMERICA STREET, and folks from the Lowcountry Food Bank will be on hand to take your questions.

AMERICA STREET is one phase in a documentary project about the access, or lack thereof, to fresh, locally-produced food, and what that means to community.  The intent of this early preview of AMERICA STREET is to receive local feedback so that our community's voices and opinions drive the film to its intended feature length.

TRUCK FARM is a whimsical, musical documentary about the wild world of urban agriculture, as told through the journeys of a 1986 Dodge pickup that has been transformed into a mobile garden. Using green roof technology, heirloom seeds, and  Granddad’s old pickup, Ian Cheney used the only land he had to grow vegetables in America’s biggest city.  From its home in Brooklyn, the Truck Farm heads out across the city to see New York’s quirkiest urban farms, taking viewers on rooftops, barges, old ball fields and into Manhattan art studios to explore why city people are getting back to the land. With comical, musical narration by Brooklyn’s The Fishermen Three, Truck Farm is the story of how food for tomorrow will sprout in unexpected places.  (From the makers of KING CORN!)